2015, activities

Participation in the festival: Le Petit Paris d’ Athenes, on 10/14, with three songs and four musical narrations (three of them in first performance) on poems and a tale by C. P. Cavafy. They were performed by: Daphne Panourghia – soprano, Panagiotis Andriopoulos – voice, Petros Bouras – piano and Ioulita Iliopoulou – narration.

Participation in the 32nd International Guitar Festival of Volos, 15 – 19 July (founder: Costas Cotsiolis, artistic direction: EGTA – Hellas).
Member of the guitar competitions juries. I gave a lesson at open audience about studies 1 – 10 by L. Brouwer. I participated to the general meeting of EGTA – Hellas.

Participation in the 5th Silent Film Music Festival (to the Michael Kakoyannis Foundation – Athens) on 6/21. Live music (op. 55) for the film Rien que les heures by Alberto Cavalvanti, for voice – Daphne Panourghia, violin – Socrates Stathoulopoulos, cello – Tasos Misyrlis and electric piano – Eleni Stoyanni.

Performance, recording and live radio broadcasting (from the 3rd State Radio Station), on 6/19, of the piece Anatassimon (op. 34) for string orchestra, from the Symphonic Orchestra of ERT (the state radio-television orchestra) under the conductor Alkis Panayotopoulos, in a program with Greek music.

Participation in the Concert: Acquaintance with the contemporary Greek music creation, on 5/14, where the flutist Iwona Glinka performed my piece Orestes  for solo flute (op. 41α).

On May 12, a live interview – presentation of me from the 3rd State Radio Station of ERT and by its director Christos Papageorgiou, on the occasion of the May 14 concert. Different artists of this concert were also attend.

Theatre Music (op. 57) for Oscar by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, directed by Takis Ktenas. Theatre Elysee (Athens), 18 March – 31 May. Music was made by electronic means.

Music book presentations in every issue of the bi-monthly magazine of the Greek Composers Union, Polytonon (in greek language).

Participation in the 4th Guitar Festival of Kalamata (Greece), 16 – 18 April.
Member of the guitar competitions juries (Costas Cotsiolis, chairman). My piece Melo (op.1/1) was the obligatory one to the middle competition category.

My piece Anatassimon (op. 34) for string orchestra (a live recording from Odessa – Ukraine, September 21, 2005, by Odessa Camerata and the conductor Igor Shavruk), was broadcasted by radio:
1. April 12, by the internet radio station: ilioupolisOnAir.
2. April 13, by the director (Christos Papageorgiou) of the 3rd State Radio Station of ERT.

Participation in the event: Priestly Poetry, Contemporary Greek Composers set to music Orthodox Priests in Hellenic American Union (Athens) on 3/10. The piece Soul Rendings for mezzo and piano – on eight poems by f. Vasilios Thermos (op. 54, in hellenic text) was performed (premiere) by Margarita Syggeniotou (mezzo) and Vicky Stylianou (piano).