2022, activities

Participation in the festival ‘Petit Paris d’ Athènes’, on October 5 to the ‘Concerto Cafe Artistic’, with two new songs ‘Two Songs from Asia Minor’ for alto and piano (op.84), which were included in the recital by Anna Laari (voice) and Nicole Karali (piano).

Theatre music for ‘Promethean Binder’ by Aeschylus, directed by Leonidas Tsirigoulis, performed in Athens, on August 26 – 28. Music was made with electronic means.

Participation in a concert during the two days event: Reactivate Music, on June 6, 21.15, at Peiraios str. 260 (H) Athens, by the Athens Epidaurus Festival in collaboration with Greek Composers Union. The piece Laconic (for oboe, clarinet, horn, cello & harp) will be performed (in premiere) by the Hellenic Ensemble of Contemporary Music conducted by Phaedra Yannelou.

Participation in a concert of the Greek Composers Union on May 17, at the Ph. Nakas Conservatory, where the piece Cinematic Suite, for cello and piano will be performed (in 1st performance) by Christopher Mirosnikov and Natalia Mirosnikova.

Participation in the festival of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) – World New Music Days, which this year will take place at Shanghai and Nanning of China, in the last week of March. Will be performed the piece Goeteia for string quartet.