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Opus 84: Two Songs from Asia Minor, for alto & piano

A new re-setting of lyrics to music from traditional songs of Asia Minor.

Written: 2022 in the Greek language.

Duration: 9’.30’’. Performed and videotaped.

Opus 83: Theatre music for ‘Promethean Binder’ by Aeschylus

Directed by Leonidas Tsirigoulis

For recording, which was made by electronic means.

Written: 2022. Duration: appr. 20’.


Op. 82: Laconic, for ensemble ( Ob, Cl, Hn, Vc & Hp)

Written: 2022

Duration: 3′.

Opus 81: Satyricon, for guitar

Written: 2021. Duration: 5’.30’’.

Opus 80: Hellenic Reflections, for string quartet

Written: 2021. Duration: 7’.30’’.

Opus 79: Dimos and his rifle, for baritone and piano

Set to music of the homonymous poem by Aristotelis Valaoritis, in Greek language.

Written: 2021. Duration: 9’.

Opus 78: The Show Begins, for guitar

Written: 1995 and revised: 2021. Duration: 4’.

Opus 77: Cinematic Suite, for cello & piano

Parts: 1. In the Crowd     2. The Wheel of Fortune        3. Nothing but Time

                4. The Murder      5. Innocent Girl                      6. Obsession       7. Happy End

Written: 2020. Duration: 15’.

Opus 76a: Three Cabaret Songs, for mezzo & piano

Opus 76b: for voice and jazz band

Lyrics (in Greek language) by Ioannis Pattas

Written: 2019. Duration: 12’. Performed and recorded.

Opus 75: Our Father, for mixed choir a cappella

It is based on ‘The Lord’s Prayer’. Greek language.

Written: 2019. Hellenic text. Duration: 4’.