2019, activities

In the concert of Argyro Chadjopoulou – violin and Nicole Karali – piano, on 2/3, to the Cultural Centre of Filothei – Athens, the piece Trois Bagatelles pour le piano (op. 30) was performed.

Participation in a concert by the Greek Composers Union, on 2/18 to Goethe Institut with the piece Aphonimata – threee songs on poems by Andreas Artemis, performed by Anna Laari – mezzo and Dimitra Mandzouratou – piano.

Participation in the festival Le Petit Paris D’ Athenes, to the concert of 11/29 at the Angelon Vima stage, where the piece Three Cabaret Songs (op. 76a/2&3, lyrics by Ioannis Pattas), were performed (in premiere) by Margarita Syggeniotou – mezzo and Tryfonas Thomopoulos – piano.

I wrote the pieces:

The Major Arcana, for symphony orchestra (op. 74)

Our Father, for mixed choir a cappella (op. 75)