2023, activities

Participation in the concert «Violin +» of the Greek Composers Union on February, 28 at the Ph. Nakas Conservatory, where the piece «Homo Sacer», for violin and tape (op. 85) will be premiered by Tania Sikelianou.

Participation in the ’36th Athens International Guitar Festival’ (founder: Costas Cotsiolis), April 18 – 23, 2023 in Athens Conservatory.

Radio tribute to my artistic work, on the program by Christos Papageorgiou, on the 3rd Program of the Greek state radio-television, on May 5th, in a live broadcast (in Greek). You can listen it at the link below: https://www.ertecho.gr/radio/trito/show/anazitontas-tin-kyria-me-ti-stryxnini/ondemand/376663/anazitontas-tin-kyria-me-ti-stryxnini-me-ton-xristo-papageorgiou-08-05-23/