Four Songs on poems by Themis Tassoulis, for soprano and piano (Ορ. 10b, 2000) (Duration apr. 12′.30”)


1. Further to the northwest of happiness 
2. Attempting to contact
3. A confession 
4. When the stone

Themis Tassoulis was born in Athens (1936). He is considered to be one of the most prominent and prolific representatives of modem poetry in Greece. His large output (consisting of 9 collections) has been translated into various languages. These poems were first set to music as early as 1984. Sixteen years later (2000), the songs were revised, appearing in two versions, one with the original Greek text, and one with its translation in English plus guitar (10a). Α new version with piano (10b) was also made after a while in both languages, which was published in 2002,  by the editions Panas Music – EPN 948.

In these songs, the composer – in his customary fashion – strives to make the music serve the requirements of the text, without, however, allowing it to lose its integrity and interest. These songs are permeated by a neo- romantic aura with impressionistic, various ethnic and a few of rock elements. They received their first performance on December 8th, 2000 by Daphne Panourgia (soprano) and Νicole Karali (piano), at the French Institute of Athens.

Four songs score