Leonidas Kanaris: Voices (poem by C. Cavafy)

Leonidas Kanaris: Four Songs on Poems by C. P. Cavafy
for Soprano and Piano
1. Voices (Φωνές)

Daphne Panourghia (soprano), Nicole Karali (piano),
Ioulita Iliopoulou (recitation).
Live performance (Athens, 26 Nov. 2013) from Hellenic American Union.



Ideal voices we have greatly loved,
of those that death has taken, or of those
that are, for us, lost, even as are the dead.

At times we hear them talking in our dreams;
at times in thought they echo through the brain.

And, with the sound of them, awhile recur
sounds from the first poetry of our lives, —
like music, on still nights, far off, that wanes.

(Translated by John Cavafy)