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Lyric Pieces
"Sygxroni Mousiki Editions"

thumb 12-Lyric-Pieces-large"LYRIC PIECES" - 12 pieces for guitar - INTRODUCTION

These Lyric Pieces have been written over a period of several years. Eleven οf them commissioned by the VoIos InternationaI FestivaI of CΙassicaI Guitar, directed by Mr. Κ. Kotsiolίs, and have been played by guitar competitors at the Festival for the past years.

The response to this music has gone beyond the boundaries of the Festival: photocopies of these works have circulated between guitarists and Ι have been told that they are being played in many places. This, combined with their favourable reception by music lovers, when Ι played them at recitals, has convinced me to publish these pieces.

Ι have taken this opportunity to make a few alterations to some of them. Ι call these compositions Lyric Pieces because they are based on melody and are written in the minor key.

Apart from their educational role and their character as concert pieces, Ι have also tried το find the perfect median between pure music composition and guitar's limits and peculiarities. The Lyric Pieces are the result of hard work prompted by aspiration and loνe and Ι do not hide the fact that notwithstanding any eventual inspiration, every note of this music was written with a great deal of thought.

LEONIDAS KANARIS - Athens, March 1992

12 Lyric Pieces melo