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SONATA for Guitar Ορ. 14
"Papagrigoriou - Nakas Editions"

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SONATA for Guitar Ορ. 14 (2000) 

1. Dramαtico

2. Ritual

3. Variαtions on E


The first part is in sonata form. The development of the first theme, which is short aπd linear-melodic, is gradual, while the second theme is more lyrical aπd texturally chordal. Then follows an extensive elaboration, development and interweaving of themes in dramatic fashion. 


The second part is lyrical in nature with a characteristic modal melody shaping itself gradually without any traces of repetition. Α rhythmically constant arpeggio- pedal pinpoints the ecstatic mood of this part. 


Α second melodic idea gradually emerges alongside the first, leading, after a series of exchanges, to a climax. This in turn harks back to beginning giving the irnpression of a perpetual circular motion. 


The third part, also faithful to the sonata semiology, makes use of the variation technique based οn a singIe note. This one note creates, through a series of transformations, melodic, harmonic and rhythmic enviroments in which it plays a leading role. 

The piece received its first perfoπnance by D. Kasfikis οα Αρτί! 6th, 200 Ι. at the French Institute of Athens. 

Sonata score