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Variations on Thalassaki
"Papagrigoriou - Nakas Editions"

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VARIATIONS on "Thalassaki" Ορ.8 For two Guitars (1998) 

This set of variations is based οχ the above well- known hellenic island folk song, which is heard at the beginning of the piece.

The first variation is in essence an anti-variation, since the song itself is the one element that is retrospectively being heard as a variant, after being subjected to a kind of Schenkerian reduction in a pan-diatonic background.

The second variation forms a polyphonic episode and stretto.

The third one, is a lament in a rather free form with musica! connotations of the water- element, given the fact that the lyrics of the song refer to a tragical incident of drowning.

In accordance to the character of the song on which it is based, the forth variation is likewise, dance-like, ending with an incomplete fugue, which forms the climax of the work. 

Both guitars make good use of their timbal resources.

The CD of this work is about to be released with the composer performing alongside Υ. Foudoulis a programme of contemporary Greek music. The work' s premiere was given by V. Tigiridis and Κ. Mitrokotsas on July 4th, 2000, at the Athena Music Stage.