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The break up scene For Flute or Violin and Piano
"Papagrigoriou - Nakas Editions"

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THE BREAK UP SCENE Ορ. 9 For Flute or Violin and Piano (1998) 

The work is programmatic and desciptiνe in content and it therefore, does not adhere tο any specific musical forrn. The tale describes the permanent terrnination of a re!ationship and the woman' s determination to bring it to such an end.

Thoughts, memories, feelings and dialogues follow one another with cinematic density. The musical landscape is grave, intensively melancholic and fragile. The illusory Farewell Waltz together with the physical parting of the players on stage, intensify the atmosphere. 

Valse Triste's pure musica! content also functions as a relief within the work' s programmatic context. The musically semiological reference of the tale is approached from a rather traditional standpoint, based on neo- romantic, post- impressionistic and jazz techniques.

Both instruments have an equal share of respoosibilities. Its first performance was given by Nina Patrikidou [violin] and Nicole Karali [piano], on October 31 st, 1998, at the Municipal Centre of Athens. 


Break up scene