‘One Night When’ is his personal cd. Its music is also selected with criteria for communicational directness.

In the rest of the cds, works of his own are included between the music of other composers. 

In the ‘Greek Impressions’ cd, he is presented mostly as a guitarist and in the ‘Master Class’ 
a piece of the previous recording is included.

‘Super Sampler’ cd was part of the ‘Classical Music Review’, so, it could hardly be found on the market.

thumb one-night-when-1 thumb one-night-when-2 2  One Night When
thumb greek-impressions-1  thumb greek-impressions-2 2   Greek Impressions
thumb hellanion-1  thumb hellanion-2 2  Hellanion 
thumb ellemis - eikones-1  thumb eikones-2 2  Eikones 
thumb zarkos-1 thumb zarkos-2 2 Greek Guitar Music
thumb super-sampler-1 1 thumb super-sampler-2 2 Super Sampler
thumb master-class-1 thumb master-class-2 2 Master Class
Ήχοχρώματα - Echochromata Ηχοχρώματα - Echochromata Ηχοχρώματα - Echochromata